Offre de thèse – Institut Curie, Orsay

Offre de Thèse à l’Institut Curie d’Orsay, dans l’équipe de Anne-Hélene Monsoro-Burq

Closing date for receipt of early round of applications is 5.00 pm (Paris time, GMT+2) on 5th July 2019.

NEUcrest is a four-year project, funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 Programme. The neural crest is an essential stem cell population of the vertebrate embryos. The project focuses on integrating academic, clinical and industrial research for a better understanding of neural crest development and neural crest-related diseases. These pathologies are a major group of congenital diseases in human, and a heavy societal concern.

The NEUcrest network comprises 20 partners in academia, industry and hospitals from seven European countries, gathered in a synergistic effort to advance knowledge and outreach about these diseases.

This Ph. D. project is highly multidisciplinary and develops scientific strategies from experimental embryology, genome editing, imaging and generation of genomic datasets, to understand key regulations defining relationships between the neural crest and the related placode lineages in the early embryo. Models include developing frog and fish embryos, organoids and stem cells (iPSCs). In addition, training for transverse skills in outreach and industrial managements are deeply embedded in the programme.

Ecole Doctorale : ED SDSV n°577 -Structure et Dynamique des Systèmes vivants.

Candidature : Applications, in English, should include a detailed CV, certificates of examination grades (bachelor and master), a motivation letter describing your career goals, skills and experience, as well as two letters of recommendation. Please send applications by e-mail (in word or pdf only) to Professor Anne-Hélène Monsoro-Burq (
Please entitle the email as follows: “ITN_NEUcrest_ESR1-your name” in the subject line of email application.