Talent exchange in Marseille, 5 to 7 March 2019

At the end of 2018, the CREST-NET network gave out small grants to help favor the acquisition of preliminary data to bolster new collaborations and joint requests for funding.

Anne Poliard first gave a seminar to the members of Inserm U1251 (Marseille Medical Genetics), presenting her latest translational work about using dental pulp stem cells as tools for future applications in treating calvarial or dental defects for human health.

Photo of the new collaboration Poliard-Etchevers

Anne and Heather, Marseille, March 2019

These two days allowed Anne to develop with Heather Etchevers :

  1. an exchange of biological materials and expertise : primary cultures of mouse neural crest cells were brought back to Montrouge to be implanted into a model of a critical skull defect to evaluate their regenerative potential in bone reparation and to compare that potential to dental pulp stem cells;
  2. an exchange of technologies
    • dissection of fetal or early postnatal mouse dental pulp in order to culture these cells which are of neural crest origin and compare mice with or without a mutation in a signaling pathway of interest to both of us.
    • explants of embryonic mouse neural tubes at E9 to derive neural crest cells according to classic techniques but with new culture matrices and media;
  3. informal discussion on how to develop a Paris/Marseille collaboration – beyond implanting neural crest cells, we have thought to exchange other expertise such as the use of microCT in the Poliard group to demonstrate defects in skull ossification and palate formation in the Marseille mutant mice, and the use of a slide scanner in Marseille, but also single-cell gene expression approaches to apply to human embryonic tooth germs or buds. Prioritization of data to acquire in order to envisage a new funding application to the ANR as partners with other teams in the autumn.