Welcome to the CREST-NET research network.

The CNRS-sponsored research network (groupement de recherche [GDR]) number 2031, created for 2018-2022, is a federation of scientists and physicians who study what the extraordinary embryonic cell population known as the neural crest, can do.

The point of this network is to bring together individual clinicians, researchers, academic and other teams from multiple administrations or other affiliations, essentially but not exclusively in France, who work on this theme. The study of the neural crest has important implications for multiple fields of study and applications, be they in basic or translational research, with a correspondingly wide range of effects on society.

Please browse and learn more from the resources we have made available to our members and the general public.

What can neural crest look like?

  • (c) H. Etchevers, INSERM U1251
    Wnt1Cre-Rosa(LacZ) adult mouse, blue NCC in pericytes of forebrain meninges.

Migration de la CN céphalique Rinon et al., 2011 (doi:10.1242/dev.053645)